Yogurt Bowl – Pumpkin Seed & Coconut

yogurt bowls

Yogurt bowls are becoming my go to for breakfast lately. When I actually manage to eat in the morning they are a quick, easy, and healthy choice. Plus, the options are endless when it comes to ingredients.
I use  the same base ingredients but switch it up when it comes to what kind of granola and/or fruit I use.

Side note: Can I just tell you how good my Limoncello candle smells?  Ugh, it’s heavenly. It makes me want to eat everything lemon.


You’ll need a couple essential items:

Yogurt – Use whatever kind you like best. I do suggest using a type of Greek yogurt. Regular tends to be a bit thin, but it will do.  If you’re trying to keep it healthy, make sure you get non-fat.

Granola – This is where you should be really careful about the amount of sugar. When I buy granola I’m always looking at how many grams of sugar per serving because I’m really trying to cut down on the amount of sugar in my diet (plus I always end up adding a bit of honey to my bowl because I heart honey).  My go to is the Pumpkin Flax granola by Nature’s Path.


The rest of the ingredients are really whatever you feel like eating that day. In this bowl I used:

*non-fat Greek yogurt
*pumpkin flax granola
*roasted, unsalted pumpkin seeds
*chia seeds
*unsweetened shredded coconut
*honey drizzle

Just spread the yogurt and layer the toppings in an aesthetically pleasing way (I like pretty things) and… voila! Breakfast.

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